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Focus on WHY

A podcast with purpose!

Focus on WHY is all about WHY people do WHAT they do.

People who align their work with their values. 

Are you looking for fulfilment and purpose in your life?

Without a compelling WHY, you may lack clarity or the ability to make informed choices and wise decisions.

Imagine the positive impact you could make if you valued your work and you were valued for your work!

Life Purpose Coach, Podcast Mentor and Top 1% Podcaster, Amy Rowlinson, is the host of Focus on WHY and will guide you towards a purpose-driven life. 

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Have a Purpose. Have a Plan. Focus on WHY. 

Aug 16, 2021

What is the purpose of a podcast and what is the role of a podcaster in today’s world? How do you create a podcast worth listening to? When is a podcast considered a success and what constitutes true podcast gold? As an early adopter of podcasting back in 2001, the passion for this medium still shines through for Neal Veglio. Enriched by knowledge and keen to show the vast potential of what podcasting can achieve for an individual and a brand, Neal brings his expertise, experience and energy to the table. With a clear Focus on WHY, Neal is podcasting with purpose.


“I've still got a lot to learn. I think we all do. I think the moment you think that you’ve finished learning, you probably should stop because it just means you've lost the passion for it."




Neal Veglio is all about telling engaging stories. Whether it was during his radio career when he’d share silly anecdotes about his mum, or on a podcast for a very specific audience, stories are central to everything he does. And finding new ways of telling those stories is key to his leaping out of bed at 5am every day.


Having been one of the earliest adopters of the format back in 2001, Neal’s journey through podcasting began with uploading audio of his radio shows to the brand’s website. Continued experimentation meant that once podcasting had its own space in June 2005 (thanks to the addition of podcasts to the iTunes app) Neal was ready to fully capitalise on the opportunity to reach that audience.


As someone who was always bursting with ideas for new shows, Neal quickly developed a solid relationship with hosting provider Libsyn, who host all of his podcasts. Nowadays, Neal is less about creating his own podcasts and more about helping others. That said, there will always be a podcast somewhere with Neal’s name in the ‘Author’ tag.



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Amy is a Life Purpose Coach, Podcast Mentor, Top 1% Global Podcaster, Speaker, Mastermind Host and Property Investor. Through coaching and workshops, Amy works with businesses to Focus on WHY to create people-centred environments, by improving productivity and employee engagement by focusing on fulfilment, values and purpose.

Amy inspires and empowers entrepreneurial clients to discover the life they dream of by assisting them to make it their reality through their own action taking. Helping them to focus on their WHY with clarity uniting their passion and purpose with a plan to create the life they truly desire.

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HOSTED BY: Amy Rowlinson



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