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Focus on WHY

A podcast with purpose!

Focus on WHY is all about WHY people do WHAT they do.

People who align their work with their values. 

Are you looking for fulfilment and purpose in your life?

Without a compelling WHY, you may lack clarity or the ability to make informed choices and wise decisions.

Imagine the positive impact you could make if you valued your work and you were valued for your work!

Life Purpose Coach, Podcast Mentor and Top 1% Podcaster, Amy Rowlinson, is the host of Focus on WHY and will guide you towards a purpose-driven life. 

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Have a Purpose. Have a Plan. Focus on WHY. 

Nov 20, 2020

Driven by his desire to generate creative, pragmatic and unique architectural solutions, Jerry Tate is influential across all his projects ensuring design quality is paramount. Sharing the responsibility of sustainability within the ecosystem of the building industry, Jerry works with developers who are focused on quality of life to consciously create sensitive landscape settings.


“Through the philosophy which we use to do the design of our buildings, we’re creating something which is better than what could have been and better than what has been in the past. Better is broadly sustainability. Buildings need to get better. That is our mission. Create wonderful environments that connect you with nature and don’t use too much energy and tread lightly on the earth.”



Jerry founded Tate Harmer in 2007 and maintains a central role at the practice. Jerry was educated at Nottingham University and the Bartlett, where he received the Antoine Predock Design Award, subsequently completing a Masters degree at Harvard University, where he received the Kevin V. Kieran prize. Prior to establishing Tate Harmer he worked at Grimshaw Architects where he led a number of significant projects including ‘The Core’ education facilities at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK.

Jerry is frequently invited to lecture, notably at the Carpenters Fellowship and Ecobuild, as well as contribute to architecture publications, including Building Design, Sustain, Building, World Architecture News and Sleeper Magazine. Most recently he has spoken at a number of webinars on the theme of how we can create a sustainable recovery post Covid. He has taught at Harvard University, run a timber design and make course for the Dartmoor Arts organisation and currently teaches at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. In his spare time Jerry is involved with a number of charities and is a trustee at the Grimshaw Foundation and West London City Farm.

Jerry was named one the 1,000 most influential Londoners by the Evening Standard in 2018 for his architecture work in the culture and leisure sector.


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Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the UK. It devastates lives and there’s no cure. Yet.

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