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Focus on WHY

A podcast with purpose!

Focus on WHY is all about WHY people do WHAT they do.

People who align their work with their values. 

Are you looking for fulfilment and purpose in your life?

Without a compelling WHY, you may lack clarity or the ability to make informed choices and wise decisions.

Imagine the positive impact you could make if you valued your work and you were valued for your work!

Life Purpose Coach, Podcast Mentor and Top 1% Podcaster, Amy Rowlinson, is the host of Focus on WHY and will guide you towards a purpose-driven life. 

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Have a Purpose. Have a Plan. Focus on WHY. 

May 14, 2020

Bérengère Guéry and Vicky Stanley from Beevee Property talk about love, geology, winemaking and how their careers in corporate oil and gas have led them to building co-living homes in the UK. Their WHY is to travel the world, create their own family and spend time with people they love with a dream to live in France surrounded by sea and mountains with their vineyard!  



“Life is short. Why not go after your dreams and follow your passions now? Why wait? You will find a way to make it work.”


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki



Vicky is from Birmingham and Bee is from France. BeeVee’s mission is to provide a home for the next stage of your life providing high-end, unique accommodation for professionals and safe homes for social housing providers and charities primarily investing in the Midlands.








Amy is a Coach, Mentor, iTunes #1 Podcaster, Mastermind Host, Speaker and Property Investor. Through coaching, Amy inspires and empowers entrepreneurial clients to discover the life they dream of by assisting them to make it their reality through their own action taking. Helping them to focus on their WHY with clarity uniting their passion and purpose with a plan to create the life they truly desire.



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HOSTED BY: Amy Rowlinson


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